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Clinic health Newsletter 30 July 2011
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The best doctor treats patients before they are get sick.
The average doctor treats patients when they are at the beginning of sickness.
The worst doctors treat patients when they are already sick.
          Dear Chinerchi friends
In this news letter we introduce hypnotherapy and share 3 inspiration healing stories.
I always loved my work since I learn to work on emotional level of healing and I love my work more than ever.
Every day I meet patients and learn their problems, sufferings. I help them to heal, same time I learn to understand life and myself. The best part of my work is I am growing with my patients. I share my love and learning with all my patients
Today we share 3 beautiful healing stories with you. I hope that can inspire you and bring some awareness to your health and healing.
           Success Healing Stories
Agony on face with missing social connection

Anthony is a 17 year- old school boy having severe pimples on face for past 7 years and the parents have visited to numerous skin specialists with him. He was prescribed with lots of skin creams and medications. None of these treatments had a long term answer and also resulted in some side effects.
His mum brought him to my clinic at the second week of June. I had looked at his skin condition and explained to her, that in the Chinese way of healing, the skin is deemed as a part of the lung system. The energy of the lung is to breathe and connect the inner body to outside world.
Such skin problems often relate to the person emotionally missing something, clearly depicting the lack of connection from ones inner self to the outside world.
Therefore we had to work on his lung energy and the emotional side of health as well. His mum totally agreed to this explanation. She told me that Anthony was not an outgoing person. His brother Dave, who went to the same school with Anthony, said Anthony often sat alone in class. This broke my heart but I did not know how to help my son, she added.
After 4 electronic acupuncture therapies and an emotion code therapy combining with hypnosis therapy, his face has had lots of improvements, smoother and clearer. Not only that, his personality has changed, he has become more outgoing, resulting in him offering friends ride home after school.  Also, he now helps his mum with the cooking.  He has a much better concentration in school work and in sports.
Digest energy with acceptance emotion
Alison is an interior designer she has excellent skills and experience in her work   but lacking confidence and has long term digestion weakness.  I explain to her how the symptoms relating to her inner organs and emotional health. The physical stomach energy is to digest food and the emotional energy of the stomach is to accept oneself for who we are . The first treatment we did was emotion code, a week later we did hypnosis this is her response to me.
The next two days after your treatment in the morning I experienced some pain around my stomach area. I thought it had to do with being a bit over worked. On the second day during my morning meditation I was thinking of what you had done during the hypnosis. Suddenly a picture of myself as a child came up my mother used to have my hair cut very short as I had very fine hair. She insisted that this would stimulate hair growth. I hated it, I wanted long hair like the other girls and look like a girl. Then I was often mistaken for a little boy and suffered from this. During my meditation I remembered that in the hypnosis you made me look in the mirror and see myself as the little girl. I did this and sent love to me as the little girl with short hair, said that I understand and accept her also with short hair and that she (me) is beautiful and feminine etc. After the meditation the pain was gone! How remarkable!
I am feeling very good at the moment and also lighter.
We will work together more; there is a higher goal to achieve here!
Many thanks and loving thoughts!
Free from emotional pain boost energy
Sam is a successful business owner in his thirties. He come for treatments because of too many stress at work and tired all time, never able to have deep relaxed sleep, also after meal feel bloated.
I explain to him every physical pain behind has an emotional pain, every emotional pain behind is a broken spirit. The healing work has to be done in 3 levels: physical, emotion and the spirit. the energy therapy  to remove the pain and to improve the inner organ function, the emotion code to find out what  negative emotion block his energy to flow and release that negative emotions. The hypnosis is to reprogramming your subconscious level of inner language to connect with your higher self.
Sam was little bit skeptical but have an open mind attitude willing to try.  Sam did the series of combination of treatments.  He is a change man. He is happy ,relaxed  and positive toward work and life .When I meet him at the first time, he have  a serious  expression on his face ,seems he was  carry the whole  world on his shoulder .He never smile. Now he have nice smile on his face all time. He said to me. I find peace and strength in my heart. Thank you.
''You should go to face book.  Many people out there like myself need your help them to find peace."
Introduce hypnotherapy
Modern Clinical Hypnotherapy is a powerful form of Psychotherapy combing cognitive therapeutic counseling techniques with subconscious healing techniques.
Being hypnotized feels just like being very relaxed. Modern hypnotherapists will simply assist you to become so deeply relaxed that Clinical Hypnotherapy can assist you to come into conscious awareness of your sub-conscious beliefs and desires and thus enables you to begin to understand and redress any imbalance between the two, resulting in reduced feelings of stress and anxiety and increased feelings of calmness and positive energy.

Clinical Hypnotherapy has been used widely and successfully for many years for the relief of a number of problems and conditions.
For many years I work with treat patient's physical body only.  I have been helped countless of patients to become healthy. Same time I am struggle with not able to help some patients to release the pain and not able treat the root of problems.
Since last year I have training for emotion code therapy and this year for hypnosis therapy, that has opened my eyes for healing. I began to understand every physical pain behind is a emotional pain and every emotional pain behind is a broken spirit.
I have restructured my healing work. Now I am treating patients in 3 levels. use the energy therapy to remove the pain. Use the emotion code therapy to find out what is trapped emotion cause the pain, and to release it. Use the hypnotherapy to work on patient's subconscious mind to reprogramming the inner languages, and to remove the negative memories.
The benefit of hypnotherapy
  • Pain management
  • Stop smoking and lose weight
  • Overcoming Stress, grief. Fears and phobias
  • Improve academic Sporting performance
  • Sexual problems
  • Gaining self-confidence improving motivation.
  • Overcoming insomnia
Read your unhealthy sign
If after meal you felt sleepy and tired, that indicate the meal you eat is too much has change the chemical balance of your blood. The over eater food become the toxins in your body. They are not only can not give your energy same time they are depleting your energy. Also could be a sign of early stage of diabetes.
If you after 10pm at night still feel alert not feel sleepy that indicates your liver has a lack of energy and the function is out of normal rhythm.
Health tips
Eat only 75% full of your stomach and after food felt energetic. if you eat 100% or 110% full of your stomach than  food could  become a poison  , that can make you sick.
Go to bed 10:30pm is the latest.
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