Chinerchi face diagnosis (Ancient Chinese face reading for health analysis) 

Chinerchi health analysis techniques - Ancient Chinese face reading techniques

You will master the five secrets.

1 You will learn how to read the unhealthy signs from the outside of the human body, to identify the health state of the internal organs. You will able to design the best treatment course individually tailored for patients.

This process will give patients a comprehensive health assessment from the perspective of Chinese medicine.

2 You will learn how to use simple and straightforward language to interpreter the wisdom of ancient TCM theories, learn to understand that the human body internal organs have both a physical function and emotional function same time that operate simultaneously.

3 You will learn how to make a comprehensive health record for every patient, by using the Chinerchi patient form, and how to identify how the symptoms relate to the damage of internal organs, according to individual patient information and their health history and illness symptoms

4 You will learn the core essence of TCM: that the five vital internal organs are the key connection system of the human body. Using this knowledge you will able to educate patients to understand why we need to treat the cause not the symptoms, because the energy of deficiency or damage to organs is the root of all illness

5 You will learn how to communicate with patients as a health expert with a professional manner, building trust with your patients and how to encourage them to work with the treatment plan.