The uniqueness of Chinerchi training

The uniqueness of Chinerchi training

Chinerchi therapy has been practised at Chinerchi clinic for more than 20 years . A Chinese style physiotherapy, the philosophy from the ancient TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) wisdom uses traditional and modern techniques together ca well-designed, comprehensive practice to delivery the very best healing benefits.

Characteristics of Chinerci Therapy:

1 Chinerchi is based on a treatment model: no matter what the patient's symptom are, the treatment focuses on the activation of the entire body's qi and blood, to enable the whole body to repair the internal organs naturally.

2 Chinerchi developed a unique diagnosis technique: by checking your face features, your skin, your body posture and your body functioning state to diagnose your identify internal organ health conditions.

3 Chinerchi therapy not use traditional acupuncture needles; we use an alternative that’s almost pain free therapy, easy for children and the elderly. 

4 Chinerchi uses modern language to translate ancient TCM theory making it easy for those without a TCM background to understand. The therapy also has a well-developed and easy to read work manual, easy for health practitioners to grasp to start providing an effective health service.