Chinerchi emotional balance code

Chinerchi emotional balance code

The Essence of TCM is that the human body have five vital organs governing the whole system. Additionally, the five organs both have a physical function and emotional function at the same time .They are never separated.

To treat patients physical issues you need to understand that there are emotional issues behind.

You will learn the five physical organ’s how these connect with emotional functions

You will learn how to do an assessment of the emotional balance of yourself and patient.

You will learn how to use practical exercise to change the behaviour patterns and improve the emotional health.

You will learn how to use the Chinerchi meditation mantra to empower yourself and patients.

You will learn how to check the improvement of patients’ emotional health.

This training can help you understand not only your patients, but more about yourself.

If you do not like to make decisions, not see your directions, look for people to recognise or prove your worth, you have got heart energy issues.

If you have arthritis that indicates your body is toxic and your mind is not flexible.

If you have breathing issues, that could indicate that you’ve missed the connection with your inner-self and your environment.

If you have digestive problems, you are not satisfied with life; you are missing out on joy.

If you have a lot of fear, find learning is too hard, that indicates your kidney energy is low.

Emotional therapy can help you to analysis your patients' emotional map, to rectify their emotional health.

The heart energy in charge of the blood flow also houses your spirit. Emotional energy is joy

The lung energy is to transform the chi inside and outside the body; the emotional energy is socialising and connection.

The spleen energy is work to to digest food and supply your body with nutrition. The emotional energy is acceptance, being earthy, satisfied and enjoying life

The kidney energy is for the reproduction and supports the bone structure and brain function. Emotional energy is ambitions, courage, adventure, and ability to learn new things.

The liver energy detoxes the body, keeping all joints and nerves healthy. Emotional energy is forgiveness, flexibility and adaptability.

This knowledge will give you a useful tool to gain understanding of how your patients health issues are related to their attitudes.