Chinerchi eating plan

Chinerchi eating plan

What is healthy food and what am I supposed to eat is a very confusion question.

How to guide your patient to eat the right foods?

You will learn how to identify what healthy foods are.

Healthy food must match the human body’s natural structure

Healthy food must match human body PH level.

Healthy food must match human body’s natural temperature

Healthy food must match human body’s natural time table

Essence of TCM is five vital internal organs being a key connection system of human body, and not just looking at symptoms but treating the other organs are the answer. You will learn to compare the other four vital organs: heart, lungs, kidney and liver. The spleen and stomach are the foundation of the body, and responsible for converting food to become nutrition into the blood to supply energizing the whole body to healing. When this happens, any complex when all this happened, any complex symptoms of disease can be removed.

In modern society, eating and drinking is a big part of enjoying a good life. Ninety percent of the population are over eating food, and when the body cannot absorb food, the digestive system becomes exhausted, causing the body to be over loaded with toxins.

Eating habits in everyday life dynamically affect the health: good food in the right diet plan can increase health, the wrong food can damage of your health.