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The best doctor treat patients before they are get sick.
The average doctor treats patients when they beginning of sickness.
The worst doctors treat patients when they are already sick.

Dear Chinerchi friends:
In every news letter we send out we like to share some ancient Chinese wisdom relating to healing, and to educate people who want to do the best to stay good health.
Health tips

The sweat is the fluid of the heart

At TCM, the sweat is the fluid of the heart. If you sweat a lot without physical exercise this indicates a weakness of heart energy. When you are losing body liquid through sweat equally you are losing blood. At TCM heart and small intestine is net work, that also indicate you could have weekend digestion
If you have slimy hands or sweat a lot day and night, that will be an alarming sign for weak heart energy. By improving the heart energy the sweatiness could disappear.
Success stories


Marise 50 year older come for lose weight, more energy  and reduce anxiety. Emotion code has find out  her trapped emotion is abandonment- that relating after her mother passed away 4 years ago. Almost every day and week, Maris cries for mother death.  After removed trapped emotions Maris stop cry and become happy, start to lose weight and free from anxiety.

Kristin 55 year older since 17 years  of age  having a sleep problems last 5 years become worse  often she need to up for toilet 5 time a night. after  remove the trapped emotion -was caused during  the pregnancy of her mother  , first time in many years Kristin able to sleep long and deep , only have to up once a night. Also energy treatment has helped her rheumatoid arthritis, poor digestion.
New treatments
1. Emotion code

A few weeks ago I did a tanning course emotion code by Dr Bradley nelson. From USA .That was one of best training I had for long time. This therapy is able to help you find out what negative emotion trapped or lodged in the body and cause your physical pain and emotional suffering. Dr Bradley Nelson believes every person could have 300 trapped emotions.  These trapped emotions are toxic  for your healthy.
By removing these trapped emotions, your physical health and well-being can be improved.
What are trapped emotions?
Love to hate, sad, lonely anxiety, anger, fear are all negative emotions. Emotion is energy. Sometimes the emotional energy can be too powerful and may become :trapped or lodged in the body organs and tissues and collier level. Trapped emotions are the cause of much physical pain and disease, as well as emotional suffering.
At last few weeks a few patients has experienced treatment of emotion code and have amazing results.  Read story above
Emotion Code Therapy $60, promotional price is $30 before 1st Dec 2010!
2. Foot Saunas
Second Heart of the Body
Most of the modern researchers believe that feet is the second heart of human body. This is because our heart pumps blood to our brain and body, and our legs and feet help to distribute blood back to the heart. Hence, our feet play a significant role in blood circulation.
When your foot sore or swollen that indicate your health is alarming.
good blood circulation is a key to body health and can help to prevent a lot of diseases. By looking after our feet can help to improve all-around well-being. And this is the cause of invention of Foot Sauna.

Reduce Sore knee and  feet, reduce swollen ankles, improve dry skin at foot, improve blood circulation at legs and feet.

Foot Sauna Therapy $30!
Chinese face map reading
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