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Dear Chinerchi friends:

The ancient Chinese medical book said the best doctor treat patients before they are get sick. The average doctor treats patients when they beginning of sickness the worst doctors treat patients when they are already sick.

In every news letter we send out we like to share some ancient Chinese wisdom relating to healing, and to educate people who want to do the best to stay good health.

Health tips

The fruit and salad are always good for every one of you?

No. Any good food need to be observed in your body help you to get more energy and stay strong and healthy.

How to you know you have observed the food? Watch out your bowl motion. The good bowl motion need to be looks like sausage and move once a day .your stomach like a pot and your intestines like a oven  to process the food you eaten. If your motion is loose that indicate your oven is cold and the food has not been processed properly and just running out from your body. Regardless what enzymes in the fruit and veges, you never benefit from it.


If your bowler loose What you should eat: cooked and warm food, no haven protein food and too much  fat, especially at evening meal. When you able see the sausage shaped bowel motion. That means your digestive energy is better. You can start the fruit and salad you love and you will benefit from it.

What time Chinese ancestors say we need to go to bed?

In ancient Chinese calendar every only 12 hours each hour is equals today two hours. From 9-11pm is the last hour of the day and called HAI. The ancient Chinese character is picture .the top line is yin energy and second line is yang energy and that was two people under , one of them with a half circle  . That means HAI time is yin and yang together to go to bed and make baby.

Healing story

Bad sleep for 4 years

Last week I have a new patient 52 years older Jenny come for bad sleep for 4 years. My diagnosis is: her main problems are in her weakened digestion systems .after three treatments and energy diet. Jenny bloating   was much reduced and sleep better, feels more energy. Jenny common was the energy diet -not to eat protein at night made bid different in her healing process

Ongoing Back Problem More Than 15 Years

I am a 46 yrs old professional male. I have had an ongoing back problem for more than 15 years. In May I hurt my back again (the 3rd time this year) which resulted in an MRI scan which confirmed that I had 2 herniated discs in my lower back. The pain was unbearable causing me to take leave from work for the last 8 weeks. My left sciatica nerve was causing me immense pain also my right foot was swollen. My GP and specialist had me on morphine for the pain and booked me in for a Steroid injection for pain management.
I thought my only option was surgery as was being indicated by my specialist. To me this was not a good idea and decided to look for an alternative. Luckily, I found Angela on her web. After two sessions I was able to stand 80% straight immediately. After 4 days I am standing 95% straight with no pain. I am no longer on prescription pain killers which I had been on for the previous 7 weeks.
Implant acupuncture has worked for me. Besides giving me enormous relief I have a lot more energy, not tired in the morning, able to focus on what I want to achieve and generally feeling a whole better within myself. I am looking forward to returning to work next week.
Phil H, from Bay of Island 26 June 2007


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