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Dear Chinerchi friends:
The beautiful Spring season already here today newsletter we have treatment special offer to celebrate  the new season and  share a Chinese spring  pancake recipe  .When you work in your kitchen and eating on your dining table  you can experience some Chinese flavor and  culture.

Treatment special offer
Since the economy reception start from 2008 to today 2010 is not over yet, the tight budget could affect patients to make decision take for their health .This first time we make some alteration in our price of service. the first CET treatment was three treatments in one electronic acupuncture fire therapy and detox cupping fee $170. now we offer you can come for electronic acupuncture only for $65 and you answer our survey we give your $10 discount.See details link

Health tips
Chinese ancestor believes the breathing deep is sighing of good health. All babies have refine and deep breath. More unhealthy we are become the breath become heavier and shallower, specially the breath-in deep is most important. When a person dying, the breath-in become shallower, till no breath-in can take the life to end.

The healthy breath how deep should be? Ancient Chinese book said: take a deep breath to your heel. Because the heel can connect with earth energy. If you wear high heels certainly not good for health and not help you to breath deep.

Healing story
Asthma and Eczema since 3 years old

I am a 30 year old male with asthma and eczema. My asthma and eczema have varied in severity since the age of 3 and I have been hospitalized for one or the other over 20 times, since childhood.

After my 1st energy session with Angela and I felt my skin become less itchy and my breathing become easy almost immediately and on the 1st night I had a much better sleep. Now I have done 5 detox treatments and my quality of life has improved beyond what I thought was possible.

I visited my mother; she broke down in tears, no words can describe how happy she felt after seeing how much pain my skin had given me over the years and how much better it had become. I became a totally different, much healthier and happier person. Thank you Angela, you have changed my quality of life more than I could have ever imagined possible.

Jason M.
Chinese spring  pancake recipe 

Eating spring pancakes is a customary way to celebrate the coming of spring, and for disease prevention, that  have a history of more than two thousands years.

More details see link.

1. Slowly pour boiling water into flour, and mix them with chopsticks then knead until it becomes dough.
2. Hold dough about one hour with fresh-keeping film.
3. Heat up with a little oil and fried bean sprouts and potatoes wire with bean noodles, add in a little salt and mix good combined until well done.
4. Slice the cooked meat and scrambled eggs.
5. After one hour you will knead dough until smooth. Divided it to some sections and make them by your hand like cookies.
6. Brush oil on each side of cookies. Overlap with two. There will be oil the surface of coincidence. Use a rolling pin to roll each piece to a thin pancake.
7. Heat up with a little oil in a pan (Wiping a layer of oil) and cook pancake, fried one side is golden and turn over other side, cook until well done.(one side cook time about 1 minutes by middle fire)
8. Put your favorite vegetable in the pancake and roll it, dish off.

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