Newsletter Version 13/09/2010

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Dear Chinese energy therapy friends:
Welcome to the latest Chinerchi news letter!
In this letter I would like to share some information about Spring season health care for liver and the latest healing stories from the Chinese energy therapy clinic.

Angela Ning Zhanghas been award the degree of Bachelor of Health Science  ( Acupuncture ) At 5th September 2010  from New Zealand school of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Two of Her final assignments: Electronic Acupuncture Treats Prostate Cancer and Electronic Acupuncture Treats Children with Asthma were both achieved the ones of best marks from school Read webpage...
Beside her busy work with her clinic practice, Angela keeps updating her professional knowledge and continues education at November 2007. Angela received her National Diploma Degree of Health Science ( Acupuncture) from New Zealand school of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Success healing story
Diabetic patients free from medication

Edwin is 42 years older a work at north shore hospital and has diabetes and high blood pressure for last 3 years. He was on medication 3 times a day. He started CET treatment from 16th July. After 3 weeks treatments he stopped all medications. The blood pressure became normal and blood sugar before meal down from 7 down to 4.9. see the video at YouTube...
49 years older lady period coming back

Sei is a 49 years older factory worker with a job need stand all day long. She came to clinic for treating sore feet and bad sleep, after 2 visits Seis sore feet totally gone and the period that has stopped for 2 years come back now. Sei looks vibrant and feels more energetic.
Spring season health care for liver
At TCM the season of spring corresponds to the liver and wood is a time especially suited for the treatment or prevention of liver disease. At spring season aggravation of certain conditions strongly associated with the liver, such as hypertension and migraine headaches and .asthma, eczema

The best treatments for spring are Liver Detox and Implant Acupuncturesee link...
Daily routine care for liver: You need to get up early and go to the bed early , keep warm when the weather changes, eating less sour tasted food that is bad for liver and eat sweet food at spring good for liver.
Nourishing liver food
Red date with walnut, wolfberry soup
10 Chinese red dates 10 walnuts 20 wolfberries for 15munets for two servings .eat as dessert or sweet tea. It is can Soften the liver and nourishing the blood.
The healthy emotion of liver:
Wisdom understanding Peace, serenity, aware of own limits great effectiveness in ones undertaking.
The unbalanced liver emotions:
anger, resentful, depressive, bitter
We start meditation class and fasting class. Join us to learn how to use your mind to heal your body and fasting without hunger see link...