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Brain tumor

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Dear Chinerchi friends:

Welcome to the first Chinerchi newsletter.
Chinerchi is a new name for Chinese energy therapy. Chinese energy therapy has been developed over the last 15 years. Last year I registered a trademark and brand name Chinerchi therapy.
Chine- stands for Chinese, nerchi stands for energy. Chinese Medicine married to energy tools this is what Chinerchi is about.
Chinerchi philosophy believes: That all health problems relate to the body having no energy and too many toxins. The 3 golden keys in healing: improve energy, detox and treat the whole body.

I will send news letters about 2-4 weeks.  They will have information of
the latest healing stories, clinic health service news and special offers,
health education and health food and recipes.
I wish to connect with all of you and you are welcome to write to us about your ideas on how to improve health. We can share your ideas with a wide range of people who are interested in health.

The latest healing stories


17 April 2010
Adison is a 23 month old girl. From the age of 8 months she developed asthma. Every night about 11 pm she starts to cough and cry .  Addison was not able to sleep and her parents both can not rest.  . Adison was using an inhaler four times a day and some health supplements. .After her first treatment with chinerchi therapy Addison was able to sleep for the whole night without coughing .After 3 treatments she only uses her inhaler once a day. She is, now, healthier and stronger.
Brain tumor

13 April 2010 Right eye can not focus
20 April 2010   Right eye moves back to the center
Bernie is a 68 years old business coach. On 1st. march 2010 he suddenly had a severe headache. When checked at the hospital he was found to have a brain tumor the size of a golf ball.  As a result Bernie had lost balance and could not stand on one foot and his left eye could not focus. 
Bernie started treatment on 15 April 2010. After 3 treatments the left eye came back to the center. After 8 treatments Bernie got 100% of his balance back. Another benefit of the treatments related to arthritis in his hand which is now pain free. Bernie is now waiting to have another scan to check if the tumor size has changed.
Last Friday 11-June Bernie visited The GP after the doctor checked all his vision and balance, the comment was: absolutely miracle! The doctor decide Bernie can stop his entire medication wait for other 6 weeks the have scan test.

Winter special needed treatment
Children with asthma: electronic acupuncture.
Arthritis and lung disease Electronic acupuncture, fire therapywith detox cupping.
For all the above problems if you are want to maintain your best energy start one a month treatment for winter is good choice. If you have chronic health problems when winter season become severe than you may need series of treatments to rebuild your health.
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I have collected my past 15 years of experience about how to find out your health problems by reading your face. This is based on ancient Chinese medicine.  
 I also run a free workshop to share this knowledge with people who want to be aware of their own state of health and be able to take care of themselves.
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